MANICURE MONDAY | Gradient Glitter Nails

I am super duper excited to share with you, dare I say it, my new favourite glitter nail polish. I discovered it completely by accident and I am very happy I did - I featured it in my latest haul (click here to see). My manicure today was inspired by our one and only Mamma of the YouTubes. The extremely lovely Zoe has been posting a series of easy Christmas nail ideas, including this one which I have recreated.

I was on the hunt for a cheap black nail polish during my trip to Boots last week and I am sure everyone else was too, the only one I could get my hands on was Collection 'BlackJack'. I cannot remember trying out their polishes before but I found this one to be particularly gloopy after very little use, having to stop between nails to let the product settle. The brush is very chunky which is not usually a problem for me but it has been cut straight across and squared off which just made getting close to the cuticle, and without smearing the polish all over them, fairly tricky. Aside from the beefy brush and the break times, the shade is a stunning shiny black colour that is good to go after 2 thin layers.

I can barely contain my excitement for Sally Hansen 'Golden Rule' because it is the perfect shade of sparkle. The glitter particles are finely milled and are pretty jam-packed into the bottle which gives the manicure a more expensive look. I applied the polish to the top third of my nails and gently swept the brush further down to create that gradient look. Once the nails were touch dry I applied my trusted China Glaze top coat combined with a spray or two of Avon freeze spray. Voila, party perfect nails that are dressed to impress.

What is your 'go to' perfect party nail?



The trouble with me is that when walking around the shops to buy my nearest and dearest Christmas gifts, in the basket goes one for them then one for me. Does anyone else have this problem? I find it particularly difficult to avoid the cheeky little presents to myself when I am surrounded by exciting and lustful beauty products. That explains my naughty but nice Boots haul.

Sally Hansen | 'Golden Rule' and Gem Crush 'Glitz Gal' | £6.99 | Link

By far these two polishes are my favourite glitter shades I own - when I spotted them on the brand spanking new Sally Hansen display I just knew I had to treat myself to them. Is the most festive time of the year and if a sparkly polish was ever needed, it is needed right now. My first experience with Sally Hansen has been an incredible one, both bottles are full to the brim packed with the perfect amount of sparkle. I love 'Golden Rule' to create a gradient effect on top of yule tide colours, it particularly looks fabulous on top of black. You know when you buy yourself a gorg' glitter nail polish that looks lovely in the bottle, but when you apply it to the nail it looks more like the top coat you were not expecting? Well, there is none of that business with 'Glitz Gal' as it transfers exactly how expected. The formula is a very opaque grey and silver glitter. I really, really like that both are finely milled specks of glitter rather than the chunky strip pieces.

Avon | OPAL 'Opalesce' Topcoat | Link

I share nail polishes with my Mum who recently ordered this lovely little topcoat. It caught my eye pretty swiftly and totally reminded me of snowflakes falling on to freshly settled snow. I like that the glitter is a combined within the topcoat because I am not always very patient at waiting for coat upon coat of nail polish to dry. The glitter is sparse and chunky but provides just enough effect to give your manicure a sparkly finish. I like to pair it with a white shade that gives me a winter wonderland feeling, (click here to see) but I think the iridescent will look beautiful with glossy blues and blacks.

Sinful Colors | 'I Miss You' | £1.99 | Link

Nail polish addict or not, it is simply not possible to make a trip to Boots without browsing the Sinful Colors stand. I picked this shade up mainly for my Mum because she totally the purple glitter type, and it reminds me of our beloved (now gungy and thrown out) OPI Katy Perry polish. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well packed with glitter the colour is, the sparkles shines beautifully against the purple base.

Sinful Colors | 'Snow Me White' | £1.99 | Link

You might have read my most recent Manicure Monday post (click here to see) where I shared my thoughts on this truly white nail polish. I purchased 'Snow Me White' to wear underneath the topcoat featured above and as always recently, Sinful Colors did not let me down in providing me with a beauty basic bargain.

Collection | Lasting Gel Colour 'BlackJack' | £3.19 | Link

I never usually buy a black nail polish, in fact I don't think I have ever purchased one - just used the ones my Mum and sister have left behind. When I need one, I can never find one in my dedicated nail drawer so I went in search to replenish the basics although they were few and far between in my local Boots store. I opted for a cheaper polish in hope that black would just be, well.. black. I really, really like the glossy finish and feel super duper sophisticated with it on my nails. However I do have a couple of grumbles, the applicator brush is cut square and is fairly wide which definitely does NOT help when trying to achieve a neat line with a contrasting colour - no likey. The formula itself can get very gloopy, to the point where I have to stop painting after every few nails and put the bottle down for a minute or two.

Rimmel | Lasting Finish 'Double Decker Red' | FREE* | Link

Don't you just love a freebie? I am not a sucker for one, but for two. I was purchasing Rimmel beauty products regardless but spotting Boots offering their 3 for 2 deal and a free nail polish is like being led into temptation. The true red shade is typical from what you expect of good old Rimmel on the nail polish front - the shade is opaque, shiny and easy to apply.

Batiste Dry Shampoo | Cool & Crisp Fresh | £2.00 | Link

I had long forgotten about the magic of dry shampoo, it had been a must-have many moons ago when I first began discovering the online beauty community and craved the latest hyped about products. I have dry hair which is coarse, thick and rarely gets greasy. My reason for repurchasing the hair was in a bottle was due to my love of backcombing. The bigger, the rounder, the more voluminous.. the better *slaps hand*. I know I am not treating my poor locks the way I should be but I have discovered using the dry shampoo the following day before styling a very effective way to avoid brushing out the backcomb.

Sally Hansen | Gel Cuticle Remover | £6.45 | Link

I remove my cuticles at least once a week, they can be pretty unruly and without softening them, pushing them back and snipping off the excess dead skin they totally break my manicure. I have tried a few alternative branded removers but none of them have ever had the wow factor, so my search continues. My first use definitely put a smile on my face, I found the Gel to work quickly and fantastically at doing its job. I will have an upcoming review/how to post in the near future, so do keep your lovely little eyes peeled.

Revlon | ColorStay Foundation '330 Natural Tan' | £12.49 | Link

For the winter months I like to change my foundation for something more fuller coverage and ColorStay is the most affordable yet perfect product for the job. I am sure the formula has been improved since I first purchased this last year because it meets flawlessly in the middle of being a matte and moisturising base - a big winner for my dry skin. I did notice that the testers in the store did not represent what was in the actual bottle, I swatched and patch tested on my jawline and eventually spoke to a consultant about the miss-direction of shades, who suggested the tester had been blended with oxygen which slightly altered the true colour so do be careful when grabbing this one.

Rimmel | ScandalEyes Retro Glam Extreme Black Mascara | £6.99 | Link

I always find myself knocking on Rimmel's door when I am in need of a new mascara, which I am pretty much sure it because I like big brushes - and Retro Glam exceeds my expectations in this department with a full hour-glass shaped wand that curls the lashes up and out. The product itself is comparable to the original ScandalEyes mascara (my all time trusted favourite) that provides enough play time before drying. I am looking forward to finding out if this is my new holy grail mascara.

What products have you 'accidently' been shopping for?


MANICURE MONDAY | Snowflake Inspired

With 2 doors now open on our advent calendars (hands up if you have the Maltesers one, like me) it is prime time to be injecting Christmas into our manicures. Perfect. I am a huge sucker for anything shiny, that sparkles or is jam-packed with glitter so naturally, I am kicking off December with Avon Opal 'Opalesce' sprinkled on top of Sinful Colors 'Snow Me White' which makes for the most prettiest of snowflake inspired nails. Unfortunately, my trusty camera did not do the festive effect justice but be sure to follow me on Instagram here to see a snap in natural daylight.

I always used to think Sinful Colors was a brand that produced hit and miss polishes, often the formula differed from bottle to bottle which did leave me hesitant to pick them up. However, lately the polishes have been absolutely fantastic - not only for the better formula but the accessibility to purchase them for my local Boots store, and because of their fabulous collection of shades. If like me, you tried Sinful Colors in the past but found them to be not so trustworthy, definitely try again.

UPDATE || You may be one of my lovely little Twitter followers (follow me here) and seen me promise to blog 3 times a week since the beginning of October, to which my current schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Friday. UN-FORTUNATELY the reason I took the last week off blogging is all down to one little miracle. My beautiful baby nephew arrived into the world and rather than using my spare time to sit down and play on my laptop, I spent the time being a very excitable Aunty. That combined with working in super duper busy retail store during the run-up to Christmas is why I relieved myself from the pleasure of blogging.